Creating transforming community in a fragmented world (Andrew Fellows)

28-30. Apríla 2012  sme spolu s našimi asi 40timi kamarátmi z Chorvátska, Rumunska, Bulharska, Poľska, Nemecka, UK a USA v chorvátskom Sreseri zorganizovali D3 konferenciu s témou Creating Tranforming Communinity in a Fragmented World. 

Našim hosťom bol Andrew Fellows, ktorý spolu s manželkou Helen vedie spoločenstvo L’Abri v Anglicku. (

I-It & I-Thou

Andrew nás do témy uviedol konceptom Martina Bubera „I-It & I-Thou“. 


Buber says that relationships are two-fold in nature  they exist at two levels :

  1. I-IT        - others as defined INDIVIDUALS (bank clerk/wife/son)
  2. I-THOU                - others as PERSONS (John, Susan, Peter)

Characteristics of I-YOU

  1. I - YOU involves mutual encounter
  3. I - YOU is Unclassified
  4. I - YOU encounter is immediate
  5. I - YOU has exclusivity
  6. I - YOU has present-ness
  7. I - YOU in non-instrumental

M.Buber: „without IT man cannot live - but he who lives with IT alone is not a man“


1. Introduction to community + biblical basis 

2. I-You relationship

3. Discussion


Transforming Community

Na druhý deň Andrew načrtol súčasnú dobu a jej výzvy a predstavil možnú reakciu na ne cez „transforming communities“.


  1. Modernities Centre

  • M gathered itself intentionally around a centre that is NOT the Creator
  • So, this is new centre – human agency rooted in social order
  • It is human agency in place of Divine agency – this is SECULARITY

  2. Modernities Commitments

  • Commitment – a technologically driven reality
    • Everything so technically driven – can only think in pragmatic terms
    • Everything so technically driven – lost any sense of the limits of technologies
  • Core commitment of Mod – a market driven world (economics)
    • OBSCURED personhood
    • DESTROYED community
  • commitment – a Politically driven world

  3. Modernities CONSEQUENCES 

  • FRAGMENTATION of social spheres:
    1. the public – where politics dominates
    2. the private - where true self exists

Transforming Community as a reaction

  • creation of Communities as social realities – which function as the subversion of Mod
  • Challenge its centre and its commitments (from WITHIN and WITHOUT)

This centre (chosen intentionally) is the basis for relationship of I-YOU

  • person to person
  • this is because we bear the personal image of a personal GOD
  • Like Him (The Holy Trinity) we exist in relation of PERSONS


4. Overview of the social context of modernity

5. Transforming community.mp3

6. Discussion - transforming community in the city